Section 1: Disclaimer

1.1 Some rules apply to all classes. Some items do not apply to all classes. Read carefully.

1.2 The rules and regulations set forth herein are designated to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish acceptable requirements for such events, and to provide racers and spectators a safe, competitive, and exciting show.

1.3 These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participation in these events, all participants are deemed to have read and understood these rules.

1.4 No expressed or implied warrant of safety shall result from publications of, or compliance with, these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are, in no way, a guarantee against injury or death to participant, spectator, Official or track employee.

1.5 The track Officials shall be empowered to permit deviations from or modifications to any of the specifications herein, or impose any further restrictions that, in their opinion, do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements, and that provide for a safe and competitive environment.

1.6 No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications.

1.7 Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the Race Director or Track Owner. The decision is final, without appeal.

1.8 If there is a disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning or application of the Riverside International Speedway (RIS) Rules, the interpretation and application by the appropriate RIS Official at the track shall prevail.

1.9 All members, including, competitors and Officials, expressly agree that determinations by RIS Officials as to the applicability and interpretation of the RIS rules are non-litigable and they covenant that they will not initiate or maintain litigation of any kind against RIS or anyone acting on behalf of RIS, to reverse or modify such determinations or to recover damages or to seek any other kind of relief allegedly incurred or required as a result of such determination, unless the RIS Officials made such determinations for no purpose other than a bad-faith intent to harm or cause economic loss to the member, competitor or Official.

1.10 If a member, competitor or Official initiates or maintains litigation in violation of this covenant, that member competitor agrees to reimburse RIS for the costs of such litigation, including attorneys’ fees, the member or competitor further covenants that in any litigation brought against RIS for any reason, the matter will be tried before a judge of West Memphis City and/or Crittenden County, Arkansas and hereby waives any right to trial by jury in such action.

1.11 The RIS Officials may make special rules for an event due to extraordinary conditions. Such special rules shall apply to the conduct of that event if they are published or announced prior to the commencement of the event by means of a bulletin, newsletter, telephone, fax, or pre-race meeting. RIS may also amend current rules as deemed necessary.

1.12 RIS assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of your equipment, vehicle, or any parts by any means whatsoever.

Section 2: General Rules

2.1 It is the goal of RIS management and ownership to provide the safest, most competitive, and exciting racing environment possible.

2.2 It is up to the drivers to assure that their crews comply with these rules.

2.3 If a track Official observes any inadequacy in a competitor’s racecar, equipment, or conduct, the Official may take whatever action he deems necessary to correct such inadequacy. Such action may include but is not limited to, physical examinations, medical determinations, and car or driver disqualification and or suspension.

2.4 By entering a race, competitors indicate that they are aware that auto racing involves risks and assume these risks with full awareness and knowledge.

2.5 "Can or Can’t rule": Do not try to read between the lines in the rule book. Just because the book doesn’t say you can’t, don’t assume you can. Any modifications not specifically outlined here are at the Tech Official's discretion. Just because an item went unnoticed or undiscovered during previous inspections, does not mean that it is legal or acceptable. All final decisions will be made by the tech Officials. Ask first before you assume something is legal.

Section 3: Property

3.1 RIS is private property.

3.2 Any person on this property without the permission of RIS management is guilty of trespassing and subject to the penalties prescribed by law.

3.3 Through your membership, license, and/or registration, you have been given the authority and the privilege to be on this property, in conjunction with racing activities. However, the administration of RIS reserves the right to revoke/cancel this privilege at any time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, management, or employees of RIS.

3.4 RIS reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone who refuses to abide by the rules and regulations set forth herein and the usual policy of conducting auto races. RIS also reserves the right to eject anyone for the racing season and charge him or her with criminal trespassing if they return.

3.5 RIS will not tolerate any fighting on track property. Anyone involved in any fight on track property, including the pit area and on the track shall be subject to a suspension for and forfeit points/winnings for that night.

3.6 Any driver, crewmember, or family member of a driver approaching another driver's pit or trailer to argue or fight will be considered the aggressor and the driver may be subject to a loss of winnings and/or points, fines or suspension(s).

3.7 Harassment or unsportsmanlike actions or words directed toward Anyone harassing any Track Official, Scorer, Security Officer, Track Management, Race Director, or Track Owner will not be tolerated.  Any physical contact with a Track Official, Scorer, Security Officer, Track Management, Race Director, or Track Owner will not be tolerated.  This includes resistance to an official’s efforts to stop arguments or fighting.  Appropriate penalties will be decided and enforced by management.

3.8 Unsportsmanlike or rough driving will result in disqualification for that race, forfeiting all points and winnings for that raace. Further penalty may be issued at Race Director's discretion.

3.9 No weapons are allowed on RIS property. Anyone in possession of a weapon shall be Subject to a fine, loss of weapon and arrest.

3.10 The security officers of RIS shall uphold all track rules and regulations in addition to the laws of West Memphis City and/or Crittenden County, the State of Arkansas, and the United States of America.

3.11 Anyone detained by track security for violations of local, state or federal laws shall be remanded to the custody of the West Memphis City and/or Crittenden County, AR law enforcement authorities.

Section 4: Disability / Medical Benefits

4.1 Should you become injured at RIS, report to the medical care facility for treatment. Ensure that you provide, name, home address and telephone number and all proper information to the medical crew so that we may have a record of your injury.

4.2 Any member involved in any accident while on the racing premises of RIS who does not report to an RIS Official before leaving the premises (providing said member is able to make such a report) will not be eligible for benefits prescribed under the benefit plan. In the event the injured person cannot make such a report, it is inherent on the car owner and/or members of that crew, or family members in attendance to make such a report.

4.3 Any member returning to competition or usual occupation after injury shall be deemed for the purpose of the benefit plan, to be physically fit, and further disability benefits and/or medical benefits shall cease as of the date released.

Section 5: Guest Courtesy Rule

5.1 It is the competitor's responsibility to ensure their car is legal.

5.2 Cars that are determined to be illegal prior to competing, and proper repairs or modifications cannot be made, will not be allowed to compete.

5.3 In the event a racer appears at RIS for the first time with equipment that is not within conformance with RIS rules, but is of such a nature that it does not provide a significant competitive advantage, or presents a safety issue, the Promoter or Race Director may allow a one-time exception to policy and allow that racer to compete.

This one-time allowance comes with the understanding that if this racer returns to RIS, the equipment must be modified to comply with RIS rules.

Section 6: Numbers

6.1 All cars must be neatly numbered in bright contrasting color to background color of the car.

6.2 Since the scoring tower can only show two digits, numbers will consist of only two digits and must appear on both sides and roof.

6.3 Roof numbers should be read from the passenger side of cars, looking from the scoring tower when passing flag stand.

6.4 Numbers must be completely visible at start of each race. If number is not clearly readable from the scorer's tower, your car may not be scored.

6.5 Cars with duplicate numbers will not be allowed to compete until the number is modified, either by changing the number, or adding a prefix or suffix to the existing number: for example, car number 93 can be modified to read “93-X” or “X-93.” Determination of which car changes its number is at the discretion of the Race Director.

The first option to retain a duplicate number belongs to the owner who is first registered with the track.

Section 7: Safety

7.1 It is the responsibility of the driver/owner, not RIS, to ensure that he/she maintains, wears, and properly uses protective clothing, and that his/her head and neck restraint devices, when used, are correctly installed, maintained, and properly used, and that his/her seat belt restraint system and all components are correctly installed, maintained, and properly used.

7.2 Each competitor is solely responsible for the effectiveness of personal safety equipment used during an event and is expected to investigate and educate himself/herself fully with respect to the availability and effectiveness of personal safety equipment.

7.3 No driver shall compete in any event with head or arm extended outside of a closed body race car.

7.4 No race car shall enter the racing surface until the track surface has opened unless otherwise invited by an Official.

7.5 No one will be permitted to ride on the outside of a race car at any time (this includes return trip to the pit area after races.)

7.6 Any car not running at a reasonable racing speed, and is considered a safety hazard, may be subject to disqualification for that race.

7.7 An approved engine shut-off switch must be clearly visible and identifiable, and within reach of driver when buckled in.

7.8 All roll cage tubing within reach of driver must be padded.

7.9 Quick release type racing belts are mandatory.

7.10 Belts must be 3 inches wide minimum, and must be mounted in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications.

7.11 Belts must not be any older than 3 years old.

7.12 Seat belts must be securely anchored and tech approved.

7.13 Fire resistant suits are mandatory. Double layer is highly recommended.

7.14 Fire resistant gloves and shoes are mandatory.

7.15 Drivers must wear a helmet carrying at least a valid SA 2000 standard SNELL at all times on the race track. 

Any modification to the helmet, for any purpose, should not detract from its effectiveness. Helmet must be worn at all times a car is on the track, including track packing and must accompany vehicle at time of inspection.

7.16 All lead weight must be properly secured and painted white, and have car number painted on it.

Section 8: Credentials

8.1 Credentials may only be used by the person to whom they are assigned.

8.2 Credentials must be displayed at all times during the racing event.

8.3 All persons entering pit area, including drivers, crewmembers, owners and family members must purchase a pit pass wristband before entering the pit area. This wristband must be worn on your arm at all times while on RIS property. Offenders will be removed from the track for the night by RIS security.

8.4 All persons entering pit area, including drivers, crewmembers, owners and family members must sign the Release and Waiver or Liability and Indemnity Agreement. If you have not signed this form and are injured on track's property, you will not be covered by the track's insurance. It is your responsibility to read and sign the form when purchasing your pit pass wristband. Any personal property taken into the pit area is taken at the owner's risk and is not covered by the track's insurance.

8.5 Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign a Minor Release Form which will be maintained on file at RIS for the season. Minimum age for a driver to race at RIS is 12 years of age. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the Promoter/Owner, based evidence of proven prior experience of the driver (for example: a former champion go-kart driver, etc.)

8.6 RIS reserves the right to accept or reject entry to any person for any event.

Section 9: Registration

9.1 All drivers, car owners, and car numbers must be registered prior to competing.

9.2 A car may be registered for only one feature event per night.

9.3 Only the Race Director can approve the move of cars from one division to another.

9.4 Any car moving up into a higher division must remain in the higher division for the remainder of the points season.

Section 10: Rules of Engagement

10.1 Timed Qualifying (if used):

10.1.1 Competitors will be called to the line to qualify or for heat race.

10.1.2 Qualifying will begin at a pre-designated time.

10.1.3 After it is announced that qualifying is over for a division, no more drivers from that division will be allowed to qualify. Late arrivals may be allowed to compete, but must contact a track Official for approval. In any event, late arrivals will start in the rear of the appropriate field, if allowed to compete.

10.2 No two-way radios or any type of communication equipment is allowed in any car.

10.3 Normally only stocks classes must pack the track, however, all cars are subject to being called upon to assist in preparing the track surface. All cars must stay out on the track during track packing until motioned to exit by a track Official. Track packing will continue until track is ready. Any driver refusing to pack the track will forfeit their pill drawing line up position, and will start at the rear of their heat race.

Section 11: Conduct in the Pits

11.1 Speed limit in the pits/infield is at idle. Excessive speeding or dangerous driving in the pit area may result in fines, suspension, or disqualification. This includes race cars, race haulers, and ATV's.

11.2 No glass bottles allowed on track property.

11.3 Alcoholic Beverages/Illegal drugs:

11.3.1 No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be permitted in the pit area/infield.

11.3.2 Anyone using intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs before entering into the pit area/infield, or while in the pit area/infield, will be ejected from the pits/infield and suspended.

11.3.3 No person or persons involved in the racing events shall be under the influence of intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs.

11.4 Drivers are responsible for the actions of their team, including owners, crewmembers, family members, sponsors, and anyone associated with, or signed in on, their car. Any person representing a team that is unruly or is involved in any unsportsmanlike conduct with RIS Officials or other teams will jeopardize their teams' participation in that night's show and future events at RIS.

11.5 The driver alone will be the sole spokesperson for their entry in any and all matters pertaining to the race and shall be the only member of a team to speak with or approach track Officials, track management or Race Director.

11.6 Only racecars and haulers are allowed in pit area, no personal vehicles.

Section 12: Race Surface

12.1 Only RIS staff shall remain in the infield while cars are on the track.

12.2 Upon pushing the race car to the track surface for push-off, the ATV must immediately and safely exit the racing surface.

Section 13: Opening Ceremony

13.1 RIS will observe an Invocation and the National Anthem will be played.

13.2 All cars and support vehicles must be stopped with motors off.

Section 14: Ejection / Suspension / Disqualification / Penalties

14.1 Any person on track property is subject to disciplinary action for any of the following, but not limited to:

Use of drugs or alcohol; Fighting; Communicating threats; Profanity; Speeding in the pits; Dumping grease or oil on the ground; Dumping tires or debris of any kind on track property; Possession of a deadly weapon; Forgery of official papers; Violation of any other RIS rules; Violation of any County, State or Federal Laws on the premises. Unsafe use of ATV’s or golf carts will result in penalty.

14.2 A track Official may eject a registered competitor from an event or from racing premises in any situation to promote the orderly conduct of any event.

14.3 An ejection is final.

14.4 Any participant touching an Official in anger shall be suspended from RIS.

14.5 Anyone ejected from the pit area must leave RIS property; you will not be permitted to reenter into the grandstand area.

14.6 Any driver, car/truck owner, or mechanic who takes part in any demonstration or fight on the track, in the pits, or surrounding premises before, during, or after a race shall be suspended.

14.7 Any driver, crewmember, owner or any person on RIS property must abide by any and all State and Local Laws, anyone breaking the law will be subject to arrest.

14.8 Anyone entering another driver’s pit area and causing an altercation will be subject to suspension.

14.9 Anyone coming onto the front straight to another driver’s car during the post-race activities and causing an altercation will be subject to suspension.

14.10 Any driver who is asked to load his or her car because of unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified.

14.11 Penalties for violation of rules may include, but are not limited to, disqualification, suspension, and/or loss of points.

14.12 No video footage will be reviewed by track Officials, tech inspector or Race Director to decide judgment calls or during any discussion after race.

14.13 Under caution, drivers are welcome to stop at the track Official to have their car checked for safety conditions or have sheet metal cleared. Driver will not be penalized for stopping at track Official.

14.14 Any car that is deemed to be intentionally delaying a race by stopping on the track to bring out the yellow flag while the race is under the green flag will be penalized by being placed on the rear of the field, at track Officials discretion.

14.15 RIS and its Officials reserve the right to impose upon any driver, crewmember, spectator or any other person on track property disciplinary action for violation of any rule or law.

14.16 Disciplinary action shall be at the sole discretion of the track and shall be final and not subject to appeal.

14.17 Technical Disqualification (DQ)

14.17.1 1st DQ - No Points, No Purse for that night.

14.18 These rules are not intended to eliminate competition or accidental contact during the race; it is however, intended to prevent intentional rough driving on track.

14.19 Any driver whose actions are deemed to be "deliberate acts of aggression to eliminate another car" will be immediately disqualified for that race, forfeiting all points and winnings for that race, and may be suspended. The Race Director will make the final decision on suspensions deemed "deliberate" and decision will not be debated or protested.

14.20 Any driver that gets out of their car or unbuckles safety belts on the track will be disqualified, forfeit all points and winnings for that night and may be suspended.

14.21 Any car that spins out for any reason, as they are being lapped or about to be lapped by the leader and brings out a caution will be scored one (1) lap down from that point forward in the race.

Section 15: Inspection

15.1 A competitor must take whatever steps are required, including tear down of the race car, as requested by a RIS Official to facilitate inspection of the race car.

15.2 All cars are subject to inspection by an Official at any time and in any manner determined by the Officials.

15.3 All tires must maintain all markings provided by the manufacturer for all point paying races. No exceptions.

15.4 All decisions by the Official regarding the timing and manner of inspection as well as which cars will be inspected are final, non-appeal able and non-revisable.

15.5 The racetrack is not responsible for any expense incurred by competitors during post-race inspection teardown.

15.6 Refusal to teardown - Automatic DQ.

15.7 One driver, one car owner, and two mechanics per race car will be allowed in tech area.

15.8 If it is determined that something provides an unfair advantage, or more importantly, is potentially unsafe, be prepared to change or remove the item in question.

15.9 RIS will utilize either a P&G machine to check engine displacement, or will use a vacuum or compression gauge to check engine compliance. Track tech officials will direct crew members on tasks they must perform during preparations for P&G, compression, or vacuum testing. At no time will tech officials’ directions be disregarded or modified during engine testing procedures.

Section 16: Official Protest

16.1 All Protest must be filed with a track Official within 10 minutes after the completion of the race the protested car ran in and must list specific items being protested. Track officials authorized to receive the protest are: Race Director, front straightaway pit steward, and back straightaway pit steward.

16.2 Protested car has right to counter protest.

16.3 Pull Downs:

16.3.1 Any car in the top 5 finishing positions can be protested by any top 5 finisher.

16.3.2 Each car will have a designated representative.

16.3.3 Refer to specific class regarding fees involved.

16.4 Finishing Position:

16.4.1 Scoring recheck decisions are final, non-appeal able and non-litigatable.

16.5 Drivers may not protest equipment during their first visit to RIS, but they may protest race procedure and/or results.

16.6 Any visual protest must be made before the initial green flag drops for the first heat race of the night.

16.7 If a visual protest is made on a competitor and the protest item is not deemed a speed advantage, the protested car will have one (1) week to make the needed changes.

16.8 If a visual protest is made on a competitor and the protest item is deemed to be a speed advantage, the protested car must make the needed change that night before being allowed to start any race.

16.9 The determination if a protested item is deemed to be an unfair competitive advantage will be made by the track chief tech inspector.

16.10 Any refusal to be inspected or noncompliance with the rules set forth by RIS will result in disqualification and loss of all points and winnings for that night.

16.11 If a protested car is found to be legal after inspection, all protest fees minus filing fee (See Note) will be released to the protested team.

16.12 If a protested car is found to be illegal after inspection, all protest fees minus filing fee (See Note) will be returned to the protesting team.
NOTE -  Filing fee amounts are $100 for top half of engine protest and $200 for complete engine protest all of which goes to the tech person.  If the protested team refuses to be inspected no filing fee applies.

16.13 If a protested car is found illegal after inspection twice, driver will forfeit all points accumulated year to date.

16.14 Just because an illegal item was not discovered during tech inspection or during a properly conducted tear down, does not mean that its use is authorized. 

Section 17: Admission Prices / Registration Fees

17.1 Pit Pass $25.00.

17.2 Electronic scoring/transponder is mandatory for divisions. Rental fee is to be determined. 

Section 18: Points / Purses

18.1 Special event purses will be announced prior to event.

18.2 All weekly purse money will be paid in cash. The pay-out window will close 30 minutes following the last race of the night.

18.3 All purse money paid will be followed by proper tax information at the end of the year.

18.4 The point structure is located in the Race Format and Points Rules. Lineups for some races may be inverted, but this will be announced before competition begins for the day. The top qualifier will do the draw.

18.5 Tie breakers and final championship points, for all divisions, will be broken by: most wins, second place finishes, third place finishes and so on until the tie is broken.

18.6 Only drivers or designees will be allowed to pick up winnings from the payouts building. Driver or designee must sign for and provide driver's Social Security Number before receiving winnings. RIS will not release winnings without signature and Social Security Number on payout sheet.

18.7 All scoring discrepancy protests must be made by driver to a track Official within ten (10) minutes after the score sheet for that race in question is posted. No discrepancies will be discussed while a race is on the track. All scoring discrepancies will be handled by the Chief Scorer in an orderly manner. Any abusive language from the driver will result in ending any discussion with the Chief Scorer and finishing order deemed official.


Section 19: Tires

19.1 RIS will have tire rules for each class. Refer to class rules for specifications.

19.2 Absolutely no soaking, treating, or softening of tires for any class will be allowed. This practice could result in premature or catastrophic tire failure resulting in serious injury or death.

Section 20: General Security Rules:

20.1 General:

20.1.1 Riverside International Speedway (RIS) is intended to be a safe, competitive, family oriented, fun-filled, and exciting outing for race fans.

20.1.2 All security operations and activities are at the overall direction of the Owner/Promoter.

20.1 3 The Race Director has operational control of the Security Staff on race days, and will appoint a Head, Security Staff.

20.2 Pit road entrances & exits:

20.2.1 Pedestrian and vehicular traffic at a race track pose a severe safety threat, especially due to the close proximity of both elements. Security staff, along with pit stewards, will control pedestrian traffic throughout RIS grounds.

20.2.2 One of the most dangerous locations for pedestrians at a race track are entrances and exits from and to the racing surface. It is imperative that these access lanes be kept clear and free of pedestrians.

20.2.3 When cars are on the track, and this includes cars entering the track from the pit areas for the next race, pedestrians are not allowed on the track. Once the flagman gives the signal to pull the next race onto the track, pedestrian traffic will no longer be allowed.

20.2.4 ATVs pose a significant risk to pedestrians, both on the track and in the pits. ATVs may push cars to the grid and onto the track for push-start. There will be no excessive ATV traffic in the pits, and there will be absolutely no joy-riding, speeding, running errands to the concession stands, cutting donuts, etc. ATVs are normally designed to carry a maximum of two people, but unless there is a very good reason, only one person may ride and operate and ride an ATV at a time. Reckless operation of an ATV at RIS is grounds for ejection.

20.3. Pit pedestrian gates:

20.3.1 Entry to the pits is open to everyone. Wrist bands of various colors and numbering sequences will be issued, and placed on the participant's wrist by the pit ticket sales attendant.

20.3.2 Security staff will monitor pedestrian traffic at pit pedestrian entrances. Only personnel displaying that night's wrist band will be allowed into the pits. No exceptions. Security staff will check wrist bands visually, and may conduct closer checks at random to verify roster numbers, color, etc.

20.3.3 Anyone caught attempting to enter the pit area with a bogus wrist band will be detained and the Head of Security will be summoned. Identity and car affiliation will be obtained, and the Race Director will be notified.

20.3.4 Alcohol and racing do not mix, therefore alcohol is not allowed in RIS pit area. Security staff at pit gate will check haulers for presence of alcohol. If found, the alcohol must be removed prior to allowing the hauler to proceed. Alcohol purchased at the track vendor is not allowed in RIS pits. Pit entrance security staff will be very vigilant in checking items (boxes, backpacks, large purses, etc.) entering the pit area for alcohol.

20.4 Grand stands:

20.4.1 Safety and security in the grand stand area is very important. Security staff will conduct roving patrols of the grand stands throughout the race activities.

20.4.2 At RIS we promote a wholesome and friendly environment. Security staff will specifically watch for attendees that are: intoxicated; destructive; or otherwise a disruptive influence to normal race crowd behavior.

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