Memories Re-Visited Again

Riverside Speedway has always been in my heart! Been going since I was 3 years old, until I moved off.
what makes riverside is, my one and only hero!! HOOKER HOOD!!!!!!!!!! (sorry Ray you know the deal, lol)  (and the man I hoped one day I would grow up and marry!)

He along with so many others made that place and made racing!, and the amazing thing is it is still there and racing! it is history! people from all around the U.S.A. have heard something about Riverside, either the track, racing, or a driver!

Look at who ALL has raced there in its time!!!!!!!! (even people who have never seen Hooker have been nicknamed after him in there younger days lol) that should speak for its self!! as for my memories ........ I just remember the man! HOOKER HOOD !!!!!! my hero, my idol, all my best years of my life memories all wrapped up in one! also the peanuts. Most of all the shaking stands and when the national anthem  was playing... the whole time I was praying my man 99 would win! and let me tell you he did!!!!!! and in my heart he wins every day!!!!!!

And even as a little girl when we went to get our arms signed, and walk the track I would pick up a face mask off the corner of the track and say that was hookers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would try not to wash my arm until the next Saturday night!!!!!!

OH! me I could go on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOKER, Ray, Alvin, Whimp, Sam, Sammy, ( I was there the first time Sammy ever raced) and when he gave his wife to be a ring in popcorn and when Alvin got killed ...... and when so many cars came up in to the stands!!! Then there was Buford and OH!! so fast Eddie (Eddie Ray f-80) great driver!!!!!!!!  Ricky, Chuck-Amity, just on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need I go on? and to this date if I get a chance to get up with my MAN,
I STILL GET MY ARM SIGNED!!!!!!!!!! (at 48 years old)
And it was just like the day when he did it the first time at 3 years old!!!!!!!!!

THRILLS, CHILLS AND SPILLS......................




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